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`Kyuka’’ a'' Luganda'' verb meaning “to change” was used as a platform for youth to reflect on their life and have the courage to work through their challenges.

Kyuka Youth Outreach (KYO) is a Christian based youth organization that was founded in 2008 by youth activists to reach out and appeal to young people through creative arts and performances, given the prevailing challenges among the youths in slums and ghettos like: Identity crisis, dropping out of schools, Idleness, Drug abuse and Sexual reproductive health issues.

A small youth fraternity rooting from a community church (Jesus Worship Centre in Natete Kampala ) devised ways to address such challenges through creative activities like; dance, music, visual arts, drama and sports aimed at impacting the lives of the youths regardless of their differences in back grounds, religion, age, tribe, social status or interests.

Kyuka Youth outreach tours various communities with artistic and drama coded performances in form of music, dance and drama that mainly focus on issues that affect the young people in these communities. `

Strategic objective

Kyuka youth Outreach provides an environment where young people can learn and practice life skills, leadership skills and focus on ethical decision making. Kyuka youth Outreach is able to reach at-risk young people and offer much needed care and support. For these aspirations to become reality however, it is essential that Kyuka youth Outreach is seen to be firmly rooted within the core of community, and that wherever possible, young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in the community activities .Through the programmes, activities and ethos of the organization the leaders guide and support young people and act as mentors and role models in their personal, social and spiritual development. The programmes that the organization provides will create opportunity for the young people to develop into mature and responsible adults who will play an important role within their communities and wider society


To be a voice for the young people and create an environment that facilitates young people’s growth and development while realizing their health, social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual needs.


To create mutual respect, understanding, equity and self-sustainable communities across Uganda.

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